Four more from the #NERGC2017 Hall

Today we will visit with Evidentia Software, the NextGen Genealogy Network, the Drouin Institute and the American French Genealogical Society.

Evidentia Software is a unique beast. I’ve known about it for some time and its something I really want to try. It focuses on the source information which you then connect to a name(s) of the person(s) in your tree it belongs too. I really recommend heading to their website and taking a look at their tutorial videos.


NextGen Genealogy Network is a network of young genealogists building connections and promoting engagement in the genealogical community.


The American French Genealogical Society is out of Woonsocket RI and is a great resource for all things genealogy, not just American French ancestry


Lastly, The Drouin Institue is the home for Catholic certificates of baptism, marriage and burial of Quebec and the Protestant marriages.  They are two different sites with a few different things to offer.  Check them out at  and

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