Of Mother's Day and Hungarian Princesses

In 1921 at the age of 7, my Mother’s Father and his parents left their homeland of Hungary and came to America. For quite some time my Mom has always joked that she is a long lost Hungarian Princess.


The Passport of Sandor, Katalina and Janos Nyilas

Well, in honor of Mothers day I did a little digging this morning and found a PDF publication entitled; “nobilitashungariae: List of Historical Surnames of the Hungarian Nobility / A magyar történelmi nemesség családneveinek listája”¹

On the 200+ pages are lists of names, and within those lists I present to Mom those that match the three surnames we currently have on that branch of the tree.

Nyilas – Mom’s Maiden Name
Nyilas de Kálmáncseh
Nyilas de Karkó
Nyilas de Munkács
Nyilas de Nemesbük
Nyilas de Sarkad
Nyilas de Szalonta
Nyilassy de Sziget

Kovács – Mom’s, Father’s, Mother
2 pages worth of Kovács from;
Kovács alias Ajtai de Szárazajta
Kovács de Zovány

György – Mom’s, Father’s, Father’s, Mother
31 different György from;
György alias Vajda de Horgaspatak et Pecsétszeg
György de Vacsarcs

Fortunately for us, FamilySearch.org has recently published the ‘Hungarian Civil Registration’ – Birth, Marriage and Death Records from 1801 to 1980, so the search can continue. (LINK)

Don’t give up your dream Mom. Your treasure awaits.

Happy Mother’s day!

¹ Tötösy de Zepetnek, Steven. “nobilitashungariae: List of Historical Surnames of the Hungarian Nobility.” Library Series, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture (2010):
Update on 4-30-2015

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