May 30, 1943 – Merton's War Diary

Two Entries for today:

May 30, 1943

Left St. Johns with three Coast Guard cutters as escorts.

May 30 to June 2, 1943

Saw many icebergs, floes and seals.

I am having a hard time finding the Fairfax again in the Convoy lists and it is possible that the information may not exist.  Strangely enough in Early April it sees itself sailing from St. John’s to Greenland in the company of three escorts.  These escorts must have had similar duties throughout the war.¹

The C.G.C. Escanaba Remodeled for War

The C.G.C. Escanaba Remodeled for War

One of the Escort’s for the Fairfax, though not at this time, was the USGC Escanaba which sunk on what I think may have been the return trip of the Fairfax from Greenland, after Merton Departs.  It may have hit a drifting mine, but the exact cause is unknown to this day.²

In 1943 and 1944,  my Grandfather Merton Young traveled to Greenland while working for the Merritt-Chapman & Scott Company.  He wrote a brief diary of his journey and this is a piece of that story.

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¹ Arnold Hague Ports Database [Link]
² Wikipedia.Org [Link]

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