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Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
– Douglas Adams

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Well, the ball has dropped and another year has passed.  Like many others, 2016 was quite a struggle and it was difficult to get some things done.

I have a pretty fantastic (I think,) announcement for this year which you can read below, but first I want to cover three items that really stood out as accomplishments last year for Discovering Your Past and my own genealogy.

In March I had the honor of presenting to the Hudson, NH Genealogy Club, “Our search for the Grave of Moses Noble of Berwick, Maine.” This talk covered how Sue and I went about our search, using Google Earth and Google Maps, the advantages to speaking with local residents, and some ideas to help record information when you do find something, even if it is not what you were looking for.  I hope to follow up on that talk this year and create an episode of the show from it.

Speaking of episodes, in April, we were able to release the third episode of the show [link] in which we interviewed the past and current directors of our local LDS Family History Center.  We learned a lot about the resources offered, as well as some genealogical hints and, made some new friends.

On my own genealogical endeavors, I dove into the Simmons / Pitts branch of my family from the Dighton, MA area with the help of the Rhode Island Genealogical Society and the fantastic information they were able to send me after we had met them at PBS’s Genealogy Road Show.  I discovered my love for using Google Drive and Google Sheets to store images and documents gathered from online sources as well as Microsoft One Note as my research journal.  I also have begun using Roots Magic version 7 with this project.

On to the New Year…I have a few projects in mind for 2017 including some live streaming, furthering the blog, and of course recording more episodes.

This April, the New England Regional Genealogical Consortium, or NERGC for short, is hosting its biennial conference and I am pleased to announce that Discovering Your Past has been chosen to be one of the official bloggers!

I will be providing some coverage from the event itself and interviewing an NERGC 2017 speaker or workshop lead this coming month.  So I better get practicing!

For more information on the New England Regional Genealogical Consortium 2017 Conference, visit their website at www.nergc.org and if you think you too would like to become an official blogger and join in on the adventure, send your name, blog URL and a brief bio to info@NERGC.org

We wish you a very happy, and prosperous New Year!

Dan and Sue – Discovering Your Past

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