Filmed the first segment today!

The next big leap has been overcome today as the camera began to roll.  I spent a couple of hours at one of the local cemeteries looking for a family plot.

A screen grab from today's adventure at the cemetery.

A screen grab from today’s adventure at the cemetery.

I shot the piece solo – and hand held so I can only imagine how it is about to turn out.  My inspiration behind this style though is The Geocaching Vlogger.  He travels all around and uses a combination of a hand held ‘selfie’ style and locked down on a tripod.

Much like Geocaching – the search had its moments of confusion and ‘Where am I’, which I don’t know if I was able to catch.  There may have to be a bit of voice over ala Anthony Bourdain to round the whole piece out.

As I know I didn’t get nearly the B-Roll that I was hoping for today, I am going to send an intern out to go capture some of the pick up shots if I don’t go shoot them myself.

I don’t think it will take too long to edit – as long as I can get to the ‘Just Let it Go’ point.

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